Styles of Communication

There are four different styles of communication. They are

  1. Clear and Direct  – the objective of communication is stated directly and with honesty to the person it is  intended for.
  2. Clear and Indirect – The objective of the communication is stated clearly but not to the person it is intended for.
  3. Masked and Direct – A camouflaged message is given to the recipient.
  4. Masked and I direct – A Vague and general statement is communicated towards no one in particular.

what is you style?

Communication states – The manner in which the above styles are used forms the state of communication.

The four communication states are –

  1. Assertive – “I’m ok, you’re OK”. standing up for one’s rights without violating the other person’s rights.
  2. Aggressive – “I’m ok. You are not”. Standing up for one’s right in a way that may violate another person’s rights
  3. Passive – “You are Ok. I’m not”.Timid an Shy. Easy for someone to brush your request aside.
  4. Passive – Aggressive  – “You’re not ok. But I will let you think that I think you are ok” False praise, sarcasm, teasing.

When you combine the styles of communication  with the state of communication, you can get an idea of the verbal and non-verbal messages communicated by different individuals.

What is your communication style and state?


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