Past is Lost, Future is unborn.Enjoy the Present.

Have you noticed how time flies when we are deeply engaged in something? Today, It didn’t seem like I had 24 hours.  I remember waking up at 6am and now, it is already 11pm. I didnt notice the sands of time slipping through my fingers today as I was lost in one question.

From Phoenix, AZ, where do we relocate to?

This question led to several sub questions. What sort of weather do we want? is it safer? What is the livability index? The mean household income? What percentage of students graduate from high school? What’s the rent for a two bed two bath? And so on.

These are all important and relevant questions. However, they show a lack of faith. I mean, when I moved from Chennai to Phoenix on a long term business trip in 2009, i never asked any of the above questions.Maybe it was ignorance. Maybe I didn’t care enough. Maybe I didn’t think things through. Or, maybe, just maybe, I had faith.The unshakeable faith in the almighty that things will fall into place. Armed with faith and courage, I just walked the path.

Now, three years later, have I lost my faith? No, I haven’t. But then why do I worry so much? How many more beautiful moments will I lose to realize the truth of the sages? I have to start living in the present. Living in the present is one of the highest forms of devotion. Observing the breath and just being in the moment is pure meditation. Just be.

I’m sure I will reach this state one day. For now, may God help me to be patient and to keep learning.

I will conclude this post with a simple prayer.

Dear God,

Forgive my impudence, for I dared to disobey thy message. Please forgive this ignorant child, for he knows that he does not know. He is seeking you. Please guide him onto you.

Thank you. Amen.


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