Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do

My aha moment from Tony Robbin’s TED talk is the 6 needs that all of us seek to fulfill. Tony classifies the first four as physical needs and the last two as needs of the spirit. They are –

i) Certainty – We seek control over our surroundings to maintain sanity

ii) Uncertainty –  Certainty is boring and we crave variety. Uncertainty is necessary evil

iii) Significance – We seek to be unique. Every snow flake is different. Violent behavior is often an expression of this need.

iv) Connection & Love – No man is an island. We have to share ourselves with each other to feel loved and wanted.

v) Growth – We are learning machines. Stagnation dulls us.

vi) Giving back – Contributing to society fulfills the void inside us. Giving back is more enriching than hoarding.

Only when all of these are met do we feel whole and balanced.

I don’t know how far this theory is True. But watching Tony is very inspiring.


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