A Tough Decision

I had to make a tough decision at work today.

I was given the opportunity to manage a large client operation of about 1.1 million. The role required someone with extensive project management skills and expertise combined with the soft skills to set client expectations, manage scope and enough finesse to handle difficult situations.

I like challenges and usually perform very well under stress. I have a proven record as a business analyst and consultant. I have  lead and delivered consulting projects in the capacity of a lead consultant under challenging deadlines. I’m not new to working with multiple client stakeholders. Nor am I chicken.

However, I sensed that this situation did not call for superman. It needed someone who has been there, done that and wants to scale up in a linear fashion. Also, the client partner who was discussing the role to me, explained that they have burnt their fingers earlier with this role.They needed someone who could hit the ground running. The offshore delivery manager, who was also present in the discussion told me that he was putting in 18 hour work days because there was so much work to be done.

I had two choices.

One – Become Mr.Atlas and try to handle the weight of the program on my shoulders.

Two – Be upfront and communicate to the Client partner and the Offshore delivery manager the reality of the situation.

I chose the second option.I evaluated the Pros and Cons thus


i) Excellent career building opportunity

ii) Challenging project. High Risk High reward.

iii) The power of managing 50 to 60 resources

iv) A very happy boss. A likely promotion in 2013.


i) Lack of experience in handling similar roles. Not even close to this scale.

ii) Pressure cooker like stress. Everyday. Work life balance will take a major hit. Every meeting will be a minefield.

iii) Relocation to a different City. Upsets the routine and steady lifestyle of my missus and my 3 yr old twins.

iv) No promotion. Unhappy Boss. Pressure to find another project immediately.

If you walk a mile in my shoes, I believe you too will chose option two. The cons outweigh the pros and I decided to be upfront with the client partner and the delivery manager. As explained in the 7 habits of highly effective people – if there is no room for a win-win situation, we should be bold enough to accept the no deal option.

And that’s precisely what I did. Now, let’s wait for the ripples to take shape.

Guide me oh mighty being. My Sai. My beloved. My Allah. My Rama. My Jesus. My love.



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