Speech # 5

Tomorrow, I will be giving my speech #5 at the valley toastmasters.I will be speaking about the Art & Science of Effective communication. If you must know, this is how it starts.

Dear Toastmasters, I know all of us know the answer to the following question, but I will ask it anyways. “If we give two copies of the same speech to two randomly selected distinguished toastmasters and request them to deliver it, does anyone here think they will deliver identical speeches?


please raise your hands if you think they will be identical.


Thank you.


The speeches will be anything but identical. And why is that? After all, it was the same material.


The speeches will be different because no two individuals  – not even identical twins – are identical. There is an Art & science to communication and as we all know, Art is subjective.


Madam Toastmaster, and dear valley-toastmasters, please allow me to explain the nuts and bolts of communication and how all of us can make it effective.

Wish me luck guys. Thanks!


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