Too much of a good thing

Can too much preparation spoil a speech?

I rehearsed the 5th speech 3 times before delivering it in the Toastmasters club today. However, while delivering the speech, it assumed a life of its own. The speech that I had prepared was not the speech I delivered.

The other speaker made a few mistakes and I received the “Better Speaker” and “Most inspiring” ribbons. I’m grateful for the encouragement, but there are a lot of areas for improvement.

The following are the immediate areas of concern and improvement

  • Need to slow down my rate of speech.
  • I need to reduce the number of ideas in the speech. One good idea should do the trick.
  • Pauses. I need to provide enough pauses for the idea to sink in and for the audience to keep up.

I will be consciously working on improving on the above three areas in my next speech. No more speeches in the month of April. My next speech will be on May 2nd and it will be an inspirational speech.

Till, then, i will be taking up functionary roles and encouraging fellow toastmasters to participate in the Agenda.


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