Today, one of my friends celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary. Some of us surprised her with a cake. We all laughed and had a good time. Can we get any sillier?

I’m a firm believer that time does not exist. If it does exist, then everything has, will and is happening at once. Everything is frozen and we are walking towards an event that has already occurred, irrespective of the choices we make to get to it. I’m not going to explain any further and risk digressing.

9 years ago, an event happened – My friend and her husband got married. Every year thereafter, do we need to get together and celebrate that memory? And by doing that, aren’t we losing the precious present? I think that is just wrong.

Celebrate the present.Create something new. Do something to change the predictability of everyday life. Try a new road. Sing a new song. Why cling to the past?If I say this out loud, I’m afraid my friends will make me an outsider. So, to fit in, I play the game.

In a few months, I will put up a show of celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my life, my wife and my family. There is nothing more important to me than their well being and happiness, but wasting time on the past is not my idea of enjoying the present.I would rather celebrate the happiness with my wife and my lovely twins. But I need the show blend into society.

And the list of things we do to blend in is long. Yes, I agree, we need to connect with our fellow human beings. But at what cost?


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