Bridge Between Worlds – Dan Millman & Doug Childers

if you don’t believe in miracles, Bridge Between Worlds (BBW) is not your book.

As the title suggests, the book gives us 200 pages of well documented miracles from around and beyond this world.From the miraculous transformation of the sword wielding warrior (Morihei Ueshiba ) who founded Aikido or the “Art of Peace” to the awakening of Don Jacobs‘ in the depths of Copper Canyons in a shamanic initiation that almost killed him, the book is an eye opener for anyone who cares to read.

As they say, you can live life as if nothing is a miracle or everything is. I believe in miracles. Having witnessed quite a few with my own eyes, I’m a firm believer in extraordinary things occurring to ordinary human beings. I also believe that we invite books into our lives when we are ready to receive their message.

BBW reinforces my belief in the magic that exists just beyond the reach of science.From a purely literary point of view, BBW is an easy read and a wonderful way to get accquainted with Dan Millman’s unique perspective. I have read his Peaceful Warrior series and they are as delightful as they are insightful.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in magical stories that are need a leap of faith to believe and impossible to dismiss. Happy awakenings.


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