Today, for the first time in 2 weeks , i don’t feel like writing anything. It was a normal day. I guess normal is boring. The day started as usual at 6am with offshore calls. During the morning calls, I get to know what my offshore team did while I was sleeping. The offshore lead provides the updates and hands over the tasks to the onsite team. After the call, from 9am to 3pm , I divided my time on the various work related tasks. Again,normal.

Wait a minute. I did do something unusual today. From 3 – 5pm I was watching James Cameron’s Avatar. What a movie! When Avatar released in 2009, I remember watching it 4 times. Twice in Toronto. The other two times in Chennai. I still remember being mesmerized by the visual effects of the IMAX 3D in Toronto.My friends left for the movie hall 2 hours before the show started to get middle row seats. We were movie fanatics. United by our love for the creative expression called cinema. Waiting in line for 2 hours for a good seat in the hall did not seem silly.

So, why is it unusual? I wouldn’t have watched Avatar if I wasn’t bored. It is unusual that I watched a movie during the daytime. On a working day! I blame extreme boredom for this highly unusual activity. This set me thinking. What exactly is bored?

“Feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity”

We adults often feel bored, don’t we?  In contrast, Children are seldom dull. My twins for example never seem bored or drained. At least, from my perspective, they seem to be living every moment with maximum energy. When they are tired – which isn’t very often – they sleep peacefully till their batteries are full.

Why don’t we adults remember what it was like when we were younger? What have we forgotten that kept us excited every moment?

What do you think? Why do adults get bored?


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