Deeds of the day

Today, I have two events to share with you.

The first one happened in the real world.

It was 8:15pm and the family and I were driving back to our apartment. As I turned into the entrance of our apartment complex, there was a tall black dude standing next to a car with  its hood open. He waved to me and I stopped a few feet away.

“Why are you stopping?” My wife asked. She knew why I stopped, and I knew she was scared.I was alert too. The guy was walking towards the passenger side of our car.I quickly got out and walked towards him.

“What happened?”

“I need a jump man. My battery’s dead” he said nervously. He was speaking fast and extremely anxious. I knew i would be anxious too if my car broke down in an unknown neighborhood. It was dark and he needed help.

“OK. My wife and Kids are in the car..” I began and he cut me off.

“You want to drop them off first?”

“Yeah. I will be back” I assured him.

“Sure. I won’t be going nowhere” he pointed toward his car and smiled.

I smiled back and got into my car.

“Are you coming back to help this guy?” she asked.



“Because I told him I will. Don’t worry, I’ll drop you and the kids first.”

We drove in silence. I could hear her thinking “You don’t HAVE to come back. You are nuts.”

We got to our parking and I carried the kids and the bags into our house.

“I’ll be back soon” I told her as I walked out.

“Have you taken your phone?”


“Be careful. I love you.”

I locked the door behind me and walked to the car. A part of me was hoping that someone else would have helped the poor guy by now. But alas, No.Nobody cares. Who can blame them? The guy was six foot plus and built like an athlete.

I asked myself “So why are YOU helping him sir?”

“Because I can”  said the voice inside plainly.

I reached the entrance and sure enough, the dude was still there – reading. He was reading his car’s owner’s manual,  trying to figure out how to connect the jumper cables.This meant two things. First, for some reason he believed that I was coming back. Secondly, this was a genuine emergency and he was harmless.

I relaxed and parked my car. I took the jumper cables from the boot and walked  towards him.

“Are you sure there’s gas in your car?” I asked.

“Yeah. AAA just started my car an hour ago. It’s the battery. When she starts, I’m driving straight back home man” he replied. He was still very nervous and talked rapidly.

We got down to business. I connected the cables to my car’s battery and he connected the corresponding positive and negative terminals to his car’s. We had some difficulty figuring out where the negative terminal of his battery was, but persistence paid off.

I started my car and pumped the gas. Viola! His car burst into life. We were both smiling now.He came out running with his arms extended. We shook hands.

“Thanks man. I really appreciate it”

“Take care dude” I replied and smiled back.

I took the cables out and we parted ways.He went his way and I went home.We may never meet again,but for those few minutes, we shared a bond.  A connection between two human beings separated by culture, race, religion and other such oddities that makes us individuals.

I’m glad i was able to help someone. It’s a great feeling to be of service.

So, what’s the second deed, you ask?

I stumbled upon an interesting blog. Check out Hey Krishna!. I’m sure you will love it.


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