Vishu and other celebrations

Today is Vishu – The malayali new year day. You can learn more about Vishu here.

Tomorrow, one of my good friends is celebrating his 30th B’day. He was anxious that he will be entering the realm of middle age.scary pictures filled his mind. His worries remind me of my own 30th b’day when I too felt similar thoughts.

My daughters were 10 months old and it was the 4th year of our wedding. I felt the need to grow up and take control of my career and life. I even gave myself a pep talk. The renaissance lasted about 20 seconds. The next day, everything was back to normal. The same secure job, the same awesome family and the same old fun stuff with friends.

I assured my friend that for most people, there won’t be any major changes in life. Everything will be back to normal the next day.”Relax. Enjoy the moment. 30 is the new 20″ I assured him.

After all, if time does not exist then counting birthdays is merely a statistic. Thank your parents. Thank God / almighty / mother nature / the being in the sky / flying spaghetti monster or whatever it is that you believe in. Send a prayer of gratitude. That’s all.

Everything was fine, and will be.


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