Some more choices

We make decisions based on the choices available. Sometimes, regret inevitably follows. We may not like the consequences. The consequences are always unforeseen because of nature of the universe. Everything is connected and there are too  many variables affecting each other.

I’m a firm believer that everything, I mean EVERYTHING, in this world is connected. From the tiny waves that caress the shores of Japan to the icy winds of the northern and southern pole, everything is affected by and affecting everything else.

I’m sitting in front of my laptop and typing this sentence because I decided to follow one of the two choices – to write something or watch a movie. There were plenty of other options too, but these two were boiling at the surface, competing for immediate attention.

Everyday, we make thousands if not millions of such choices. And to someone with photographic memory and perfect recall, every choice in the present can be connected to a past decision. Even if what I do five years from now is not clear to me, I’m aware that what I do may or may not be connected to the decision of writing.I can only hope that under the present circumstances, I’m guided by wisdom and not reckless sensory impulses.

I often hope and pray for peace. Not just for me, but for everyone. But I know this is wishful thinking. I’m confident that if a snapshot of the universe to be recorded, at any given moment, there might be at least 2 individuals making conflicting choices. Choices that are opposing in nature and hence will lead to a conflict either directly or indirectly. Remember, everything is connected.

So, how can we live in peace if someone out there is making an equal and opposite reaction to our action? I don’t know.

I can only hope that my choices do not lead to or cause pain to anyone else. If my choices hurt me, that is fine. I will take responsibility for such decisions gladly, but how can I foresee their consequences on others?

Dear almighty, please guide my will with your infinite wisdom and may thy will be done.


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