Antelope Canyons, Page AZ

We visited the wonderful crevice in the ground called the Antelope canyons. It was a one day trip and we loved the canyons for 2 reasons.

1) The natural beauty of the walls and play of light is simply breathtaking

2) The marketing savvy of the Navajos in packaging a hole in the ground as a $26 per person guided tour is highly commendable

The missus and kids had an adventure just walking through the tiny gaps in the wall. We clicked away like maniac tourists and had a fine time posing with the different shapes named Eagle, Lion and Chief. Due to a tragedy in 1997 where 20 tourists died in a flash flood, all tours to the lower Antelope canyons are now guided. Our guide was a young man who explained every shape in the wall to our heart’s content.

The photographs have come out really well. The play of light through the tiny cracks on the roof is beautiful. I was glad that I didn’t need a p.h.d in photography to take good snaps. IF you are an amateur photographer looking to hone your skills, look no further. You can’t go wrong with the Antelope canyons. Even the worst photographer can take beautiful pictures, thanks to the natural beauty of the walls.

Finally, If you are looking for a tourist spot that can be covered in a day, the Antelope Canyons are designed just for you. Have a safe journey!


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