12 miles

A year ago if someone said they ran 12 miles,  I would have asked them “what happened to your car?” or “Who or what was chasing you?”. And today, just like that, I ran 12 miles. Well, Almost.

It started out as a dare with the voice inside my head. It scoffed.And my resolve got stronger. You see, I have signed up for the Phoenix 2014 1/2 Marathon and this was practice.

And guess what? I did it. After 10 miles, I just kept going and did 1 more mile. After that, it took 1.76 miles more to get my tired body home.In all, I ran, walked, jogged, and dragged my feet for 11.76 miles in 2:30 hours.

It was very tiring. Mentally too. My muscles were screaming for mercy. My lungs were about to burst when I started walking the first time. And the voice inside my head was quietly packing its bags. It realized that there was no point arguing with a madman.

Will Power – 1. Nay saying mind – 0.


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