Bridges across Men

It is easy to think that we are islands that are self sustaining and self sufficient. It is easier to live in our world and focus only on ourselves. What a wonderful delusion.

Men become stronger by connecting with one another and becoming interdependent. Only independent men can think of interdependence. A self sufficient island should build bridges to various other such islands and start trading in goods, services and ideas. That is the true essence of strength.

Our minds can become islands. We can delude ourselves into thinking that we do not need anyone else. But this is not complete. I realized this today when I was getting a knowledge transfer from the incumbent manager. It is not in his interest to spend time with me and ensure my success. It is in my interest. However, since we shared a good working relationship when we worked together earlier, he felt the need to help me.

It was karma. I had reported to this man when I was working on that project. He used to trust me to do certain tasks effectively, and i did not disappoint. This healthy working relationship translated into friendship over the period of a year. He relied on me and I always came through. Now, it was his turn to return the favor.

It is easy to think that we should do only what we are paid for. Fostering such an attitude is myopic. It has always helped me when I went an extra mile to help anyone. I didn’t do it expecting anything in return, but since I was helpful, when It was my turn to seek help, no one refused a helping hand.

Such simple acts have boomeranged into huge favors. Thank god I had the sense to help others when I could.



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