Can corruption be legalized?

This fascinating idea was proposed by Kaushik Basu – India’s chief economic advisor to Ministry of Finance. The idea is to keep the act of influencing government tenders by corporations illegal, but to make the “harassment bribe” crimes committed by government officials, legal.

Mr Basu’s argues that this will help the bribe giver provide evidence that an act of bribery was committed, thereby deterring the bribe taker from committing the crime.

Critics of this proposal argue that Mr. Basu has overlooked the power imbalance of the rich bribe takers and the poorer bribe givers and that if one official is nabbed, his colleagues could gang up on the whistle blower and commit vendetta.

I have to agree with the critics. While the idea is positive and written with the intent to eradicate and deter bribes, the enforcement of this law will be the real challenge.

India, my motherland, has so many challenges for her citizens. life is a battleground for the righteous Indians. At times, to my tired mind and spirit, mindful prayer, seems like the only option.


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