Speech #6

Tomorrow, I will be presenting my sixth prepared speech at the toastmasters club. The sixth is significant for two reasons. One. It is the 10th speech from the CC manual and involves motivating the audience. Two. After completing six speeches, I’m eligible to represent the club at district and international level speech contests.

Do you want to know what my speech is about?

It involves using a technique to Improve our working memory. The technique is called the Memory Palace method or Point of loci method.

Here’s the opening from the speech –

Abraham Lincoln famously said “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”

But some people are blessed with great memories. There are documented cases of photographic memory too. The rest of us have to work at remembering things. But the good news is, remembering, like all skills, can be acquired.


Imagine the surprise of your spouse / colleague / friend / boss when they reel out a list of items and instead of scurrying for a pen and paper, you calmly look them in the eye and ask “Is that all?”

Dear Toastmaster, respected members and my trusted volunteers, allow me to demonstrate a technique called The Memory Palace method, which will help you memorize simple lists.


The method involves visualizing the list of items in rich detail and placing them at strategic locations in your memory palace.


So, What is a memory palace?


A memory palace is any building or physical location that you can recall from memory. For example, if I ask you to close your eyes and remember the rooms of the house that you presently live in , can you do it?……


Let’s see how that goes. I have 8 to 10 minutes to wow my audience. Wish me luck.


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