Friday Evenings

If you grow up in the US or any of the so called First world countries, Friday nights are usually spent celebrating the end of a week. I experienced this first hand when we migrated to the US in 2011.

In offices, you can notice palpable difference in people’s behavior Wednesday onwards. On Thursdays, people are getting more relaxed and come Friday, they have a spring in their step.Most offices in the united states are half empty (or half full) by 4pm on Friday. And the ones who are stuck in the office are longing to get out and be somewhere else.

Growing up in India, Friday was generally considered auspicious. We did not have any late night drinking binges. Although, I remember being allowed to watch TV beyond the normal quota on second Fridays as there was no school on second Saturdays. Now, thanks to the internet, explosion of social media, and dependence of western corporations on eastern back offices, the culture in India is getting influenced by western thoughts.

For example, In Bangalore, as early as 2000, it was difficult to get into a pub or bar on Friday evenings. Most of them were brimming with yuppie crowds working in multinational corporations headquartered in the western world.

I welcome change and being in the US, we have embraced this culture of Friday night celebrations. Last Friday, we had a get together of friends at our place. There were sixteen people in our house including the kids.

The guys had a free wheeling conversation sufficiently lubricated by RUM and non vegetarian food. The women enjoyed their discussions with fruit punch and Sangria. I like hosting parties in small groups where the interactions are sufficiently meaningful.

As the party went late into the night and spilled into Saturday, I could not write my daily blog post. Sometimes, we have to be flexible to accommodate social interruptions. After all, isn’t change is the only constant?


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