On Saturday night, I watched Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion. I like SciFi movies and Oblivion was a welcome change from the action thrillers and dramas that have assailed us off late.

But the real mind blowing SciFi aspect of the movie for me is its lead actor – Tom Cruise. How is it that Tom doesn’t seem a day older than 40? I was shocked to discover that he is 50. At his age, most people I know are bloated and too tired to even get out of their beds. And Tom is sprinting. He is coochy cooing with women half his age. I’m impressed by his intense focus and splendid use of god given talent.

The plot of the movie is quite ordinary. Earth has been destroyed by aliens and humans are trying to reclaim their motherland. Only, in the end, the villains turn heroes and vice-verse. Bah. No great shakes.Anyway, if you are a SciFi fan like me, Oblivion is worth a watch – in the theaters for its . beautiful wide angle landscape shots of earth. Our planet is beautiful and the movie reminds us of her beauty which we often take for granted. There are some breathtaking stills of a shattered moon and for me, that in itself was time well spent.

Overall, I give the movie the following ratings:

Plot and Script – 6/10 |  Screenplay – 6/10 | Acting / Action – 5/10 | Tom Cruise’s makeup – 10/10


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