Quiet – A book by Susan Cain

I have been an introvert almost all my life. In 2007, I took the MBTI test and it confirmed my beliefs. However, when I took the MBTI in 2010 as part of a leadership training session, the results were surprising. I was now an Extrovert.  How is that possible?

The evaluator explained that a life changing incident could alter our personality to either side of the spectrum. That made sense. I had a bike accident in 2008 that almost killed me.  I had walked out of that experience with a lot more appreciation for life.

 Since 2008, I have been relatively more comfortable in large crowds. I don’t shy away from strangers or strange situations anymore. Although I can’t claim to enjoy them, I can hold the fort in most unfamiliar situations. It is a blessing to be able to observe this change and be aware of the transformation.

If you are a shy person and does not do well in unfamiliar situations, don’t be hard on yourself. If you want to, you can change. Read Quiet.A brilliant book by Susan Cain aimed at introverts to help understand themselves and their extroverted peers.I wish the book had been written during my teen years. It could have helped me cope with my self better in my formative years.


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