To my wife

My love, my life is empty without you
Don’t ever leave me my dear,  because when you are near

I’m a different man. I see better and I’m free
I’m glad you are with me. I’m proud you are mine.

When I look into your angelic face
You take me home to a better place
all my worries leave my side
your love washes me over in a divine tide

I promise to give you my life, my all
don’t leave me my love, my wall
Without your love,  I’m a cold hand seeking a glove,
without your warmth, I’m a failed artist lacking spark

Give me a chance to hold you high
I will build you a castle with my mind’s eye.
I want to hold you high and steal your pain*

my wife, my friend, my lover divine.

* From the song “Broken”, performed by Seether


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