Challenges and Transitions

Every new project presents some challenges. These can be classified broadly into External and Internal.

The external challenges are part of the project. Things like Tough timelines, hard problems, difficult people, non-availability of resources in a timely manner, etc. These cannot be avoided but some can be mitigated and with experience they lose their power to scare you.The internal challenges, in my opinion, are harder. There is no cookbooks that you can refer to solve these. Some of our doubts and demons can be controlled but others, like fear of failing, are always lurking in the shadow. One step behind. Waiting to pounce on our fragile, insecure ego.

Come Monday (05/13) I’m taking over a new role in a very challenging environment. In this role, I’m expected to scale up quickly and manage the situations that are thrown at me. The senior leadership is very confident that I will be able to handle the pressure of  – wait for it – FIVE projects simultaneously, without any prior experience in managing projects.

I wish I had their confidence. What do they see in me? Flattery apart, I think this fear of failure will help me stay alert and stay one step ahead of the challenges – both internal and external.

I think this might be a good time to send a prayer to the powers that watch over us.

Oh father up above and my earthly and heavenly gurus who have overseen my progress with infinite love and patience, please help your loving disciple uphold your lineage.May everyone who wishes to seek the truth, progress steadily along the path of enlightenment.


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