Barefoot running Injury

Barefoot running can cause injuries too. I’m living proof.

My left sole hurts every morning when I wake up and take the first few steps. It may have something to do with running too many miles too soon in minimalistic shoes. The transition may have been too fast for my muscles and tendons to adjust to this dramatic change.

Guess what? I’m not the only nut injured due to his eagerness to switch to a barefoot style. Doctors have found evidence to support this theory.

My transition is as follows. I started running in the legendary Saucony mirage 2. I had picked it up on a whim. I ran in them for about 4 weeks before reading Chris McDougall’s Born to Run. The ideas in the book were so appealing that I transitioned to Merrel road glove 2. After running in them for about 2 months, I read about the company created by barefoot Ted – a key character in the B2R book.

No prizes for guessing. I’m now a certified Lunar monkey. I now wear the ultra minimal Luna Venado sandals for all my weekly runs.Long, short, fast and slow. Venado it is.

But the sad news is, I have hurt myself doing too much too soon. Now, I have to take it easy and cool my heels –  literally. I hope to recover from my injury soon. 

Wish me luck.


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