Social media wisdom

If you subscribe to feeds on a social media network, or like a page on Facebook (FB), then you have experienced what I’m going to write about.

Everyday, I receive many pictures of a scenic landscape, or a child holding a flower or some cute puppies or kittens running on lush green grass accompanied by words of wisdom. These are supposed to be thought provoking. Some are, most are not.

For example, today I received a photo of an athletic woman dressed in a sports bra and tights running on a treadmill. “A goal without a plan is a wish” was written in suitably large  font in the picture.

This is what I call social media wisdom.

We don’t know the source of thee words. In most cases, the messages are harmless and positive. However, not all such pictures are logical or even useful. Some request you to share the picture so that FB may donate 1$ for every share to a victim or a trust. Some claim that if you don’t share their pictures or messages to <insert number here> persons, lady luck will frown upon you.

Some others are just dumb. Like the pictures that are taken a second before some calamity and request the reader to comment <insert word or phrase here>  and see what happens next. Nothing happens to the picture. The reader becomes wiser is what happens next.

I have wasted several hours of my life on FB. I realize this now and most probably, I will be getting out of the social media scene soon. To me, It is merely another way to peep into the lives of other people and feel smug/envious/better about yourself. I’m yet to see any positive use of FB in the real world.

If you have some stories where FB or any other social media channel has helped you in the real world, do share your story.


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