Opportunity meets Alertness

My high school principal used to say – “luck is the intersection point between a man’s alertness when opportunities are passing him by”. I believe this to be true. Today, i learnt another dimension about luck.

Neil Gaiman said “the more hard work you put in and the more wisdom you bring to your work, the luckier you will become”.

Now, I have four parameters to become luckier.

Internalized my knowledge and become wise. If I don’t think I’m wise, pretend to be someone who is wise and act the way they would. Be alert and become present in the moment. Live life each moment. This will help me spot opportunities. Open some doors that will lead me into a different dimension. And if I work harder at those opportunities, I guess I will become a luckier person.

Of course, there is another dimension beyond these four. The one called divine orchestra. Nothing ever happens without God willing. Muslims call it inshah-allah – the will of god. I’m a believer that every grain of sand moves by the will of god.

So, god, please lead your alert, wise and hardworking children to meet opportunities that will help them becoming luckier individuals.


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