Tired from the day job

Today was one of those days in which you just want to be left alone. Being the professional, I had to do what I was supposed to do. And I did.

Now, I just want to sleep.

In the morning, I ran an easy 5k. Then shaved, showered, ate and rushed to office. Took care of the business of managing the projects assigned to me. A problem here. A forecast there. Delegated some work to the folks in the projects and resolved some issues. On top of all this, I had to attend some mandatory training. Did that. Then crunched some numbers for the next month.

Came back home at 6.30 and spent some time with the kids and missus. Every last joule of energy has been squeezed out of my pores. Although I’m tired from all this, I understand that overall, life is good.

I have food to eat, clothes to wear, a loving family and a warm home to come back to.Tomorrow is another day, and tonight, I sleep easy after a long, hard day.Good night!


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