Vivid Imagination

I had this crazy idea that cannot be explained or expressed in public for fear of being mistaken for a lunatic. Raving lunatic.

The idea is this – what if everything I sense around me has been created by  – wait for it – me!. The whole world is just plain imagination. And there are as many worlds as there are living creatures. I mean, every waking second, everything you feel is imagined by you.

As we look, taste, touch, hear and smell, we are sensing reality. What if nothing is real?  what if everything that we feel is inside our heads? Electrical impulses decoded by the brain on the canvas of our imagination. What if –  This is what the watchowskis wanted us to grasp in the Matrix – we are all asleep?

Ok. Seriously, this might be a good time to stop reading this post and never return to this blog again.

This idea is the child prodigy of Science Fiction and Religion.On one hand, there is the god complex that you are the creator of everything around you. On the other, you are rubbishing the idea and trying to rationalize it with evidence.

I’m not sure if this idea is worth exploring any further. But based on one of my previous ideas, I’m going to view this from my grandmother’s perspective and forgive the blogger me for even putting this in words. Maybe, one day, in the far future, I may read this blog and laugh hysterically.

I dedicate this post to the the future me, to the future date and to the future pleasure of self deprecating laughter.



2 thoughts on “Vivid Imagination

  1. Hello! You should definitely check out Deepak Chopra’s “The book of secrets” (if you haven’t yet!). You won’t feel so weird about this thought of yours anymore, I swear 🙂

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