3 out of 7

The first three habits of Steven Covey’s world famous “7 habits of highly effective people” deals with becoming independent.

The idea is to internalize the habits of private victory to transform from the dependent state into the independent state. For this, Steven proposes the following three habits

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin with an end in mind
  3. Put first things first

Being proactive is a decision to respond to stimuli instead of reacting. Between what happens to us and how we respond, there is a space. This space is called the freedom to choose. When we operate proactively, we evaluate our choices and choose the best option to respond with.

A tool to help being proactive is to understand the sphere’s of our influence. The idea is to not worry about the events or their consequences that are beyond our sphere of influence.

The second habit is based on the principle of vision. To begin with an end in mind is easier said than done. it requires clarity of thought to understand the various roles and goals in our lives that we wish to fulfill.

The third habit helps us prioritize our goals and helps us put the first things first.




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