Lost and Found

I love my headphones. But I love my wife more. 

In May, when she complained that her headphones were uncomfortable to wear while jogging, i asked her to use mine. It was the right thing to do. 

The Bose AE2 is one of the most comfortable headphones around. With its lightweight plastic, large ear cups and plush leather rings, you can wear them for ever. Sigh. It was love at first byte.

She began using the AE2 and everything was fine, until yesterday. Yesterday night, i wanted to watch a movie on the laptop, but i couldn’t find the AE2 in its usual spot. A place for everything and everything in its place is a motto we follow. And If something isn’t in its usual place, it was time to ask the missus.And that’s what I did.

“Where are my headphones?” I asked her. 

She was putting our kids to sleep. After a long thankless day’s work, she wasn’t too excited and she asked me to look in the usual places. I told her I did. she asked me to look again. My wife knows all too well that I have the patience of a two year old when it comes to locating lost items inside the house. 

Then,  almost rhetorically, with horror in her eyes, she said ,”maybe i left them at the gym”.

I consoled her that we are in America and that we will find our headphones hanging in the same spot that she left them in. I’m not sure how she slept, but I slept peacefully.

Today, she went to the Gym In the morning and came back empty handed.It was 7:15am.

“The girl at the counter asked me to check with the manager. The manager comes in at 8:30” she informed me. I was half awake. I got up at the ungodly hour in the fond hope that I will get my precious headphones back. I was naive enough to hope that some honest gym addict would have located my orphaned headphones and reported it to the manager. 

 At 9 am, my wife and I went to gym to meet the manager. This time, the girl at the counter was the manager. We came back empty handed. Again. No sign of my Bose AE2s. I was very disappointed. It was almost like losing a good friend to a negligent road accident. 

 Now, i had a choice. I could fume about my loss or move on. It is easy to read and feel good about such choices when it is not ours to make. But i remembered something that I read recently.It goes thus – “Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved, but In today’s world people are used and things are being loved.”

I may have lost my headphones, but since I remained calm in the face of my loss and consoled my wife, I’m sure we found something much more worthwhile.

I loved my headphones.  But i love my wife more.


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