Thank you – Anonymous!

He fell to his knees. His shoulders hurt from the exertion. He was tired. He dropped his tools and took a break. It was monotonous.Ploughing arid soil usually is. What is the point of hard labor when there is no hope of rain? Such depressing thoughts were clouding his judgment. The candle of hope flickered inside him. It needed a miracle to keep going.

And it happened.

Hope fuels the thoughts and steams the body to work. When the sun of despair burns your skin and evaporates your ideas, you need hope. When there are no pregnant clouds in the sky, when you know there won’t be any rain, you catch yourself asking – why ?

He lost hope for a while. But then, an anonymous cloud burst and a rain drop fell on his forehead. As he touched it softly, it asked him –  why don’t you work anymore? Your job it is to work. Seek not any results. Just do. And that got him going. The candle burnt bright and he got up.

He didn’t know the cloud. He didn’t know where it came from, he didn’t have to, but he loved it. From the bottom of his heart, he sent a prayer for its well being.

He smiled and dusts himself while picking up his tools. With renewed energy in his limbs, he starts ploughing again.


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