To write a story

I have been toying with the idea of writing a story.

I realized quite late – dumb as i am – that tinkering with words, plots and characters within the castle of your mind, is sadly, not enough. I need to breathe life into them and make them dance on canvas.

But How? And where do I start? Many such question still plague me. Like little urchins you find on the traffic signals of any Metro in India. Tugging at your shirt, asking for whatever you can spare. Even if it is some attention, maybe?

I’m amused to note that I’m no longer plagued by the fear of not writing a “good” story. Instead, my worries are about the structure and nature of the story itself.And the reason for this transition is simple.

I have realized, again quite late, that writing is a one on one interaction. At any given time, my story will be interacting with ONLY one reader. And there is no way I can profile him or her.

So, who am I writing for?

Wait for it.


Yes! I will be writing for myself.

I was mighty pleased to have internalized this idea. Finally, I get it!

I will create a story, pepper it with suitable characters and make them dance to my tunes which will please me. Me, me, oh me.

Can this post get any more self indulgent?


But here’s the silver lining. My perennial fear of failure has been buried. Waiting for the day, and that day may never come, to be dug out from its resting place by some dumb fear, hoping to get lucky with me.

Until then, I will continue to create, tinker and ponder without the malignant eyes of failure watching me from dark recesses of my mind.

Watch out for A story. Coming soon to a blog you read….


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